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Welcome to the Global Premier Soccer Academy Canada! Be part of the growing soccer community in the world, and represent the proud roots of the country. Train with us — choose the program we have for you.

Why choose a soccer program at GPS?

Raise your standards as you become a member of GPS. It is one of the largest and most thriving soccer institutions in the world. From its early beginnings in the U.S., which is currently active in 20 or more states, the agency expanded to the regions in Canada, Puerto Rico, and across Europe.

In spite of the excellent programs, well-known partners and sponsors, and training tools (which are only available in GPS), each division fosters its own style. In turn, it brings all players to learn more about their country. The programs and clubs will vary from one location to another. Here in the GPS Canada branch, find where you belong through this page. 

GPS Canada programs

Showcase your talent by either joining all-year-round or special (limited) programs. Of all the most notable services offered by GPS, we are proud as an all-inclusive soccer agency. We do not require assessment (try-outs) when you decide to enrol in our school.

We do, on the other hand, have a 1-week trial giving you the shot to see yourself fit in your chosen program or club. Experience exactly what the lessons are, as well as to compete in a globally competitive and recognized academy. Enrol in this package, and you will get the following benefits:

  • Daily training: Training 5 hours a day, choose whether you want a morning, afternoon, or evening schedule.
  • Friendly and competitive games: Each session has a synergistic teaching method where you are taught through classroom discussions and field practice. As your 1-week trial expires, you will have the chance to compete with and against different players. 
  • Full board lodging at GPS Canada residence: If you are far from our place, we have a complete lodging service giving more convenience on your part.
  • GPS Canada complete set of training jersey.


Name/level of programAge limitRate per month
GPS Junior3 to 6-year-oldsC$125.50
GPS Early Elite4 to 10-year-olds C$150.00
GPS Youth (Technical Training)11 to 15-year-oldsC$210.60
GPS Junior Premier 15 to 17-year-oldsC$280.50
GPS College Prep Premier18 to 20-year-olds C$350.00


  • GPS Toronto (our main club and head office)
  • GPS Junior Montreal Soccer Club
  • GPS Ottawa Youth Soccer Club
  • GPS Ontario Elite Soccer Club

Enrol at GPS

Do you think you have what it takes to try our programs? If you are and fully ready to elevate your knowledge and skills, take the next step by clicking this page: Train with Us: GPS Enrolment. 

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