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Soccer is a well-loved sport across the world. No one can deny the popularity of this game among all ages. That’s the ultimate reason why we have set up the Global Premier Soccer Academy – we truly love it. We are passionate to teach young children and youth on the basic foundations of the sport and train them to master its techniques.

The open development training program was created to provide opportunities for gifted kids and teens from low-income families and impoverished communities to become a bonafide athlete.

The purpose of this unique program was to make high-quality soccer training accessible to all. These will foster hope and chances for children and youths at risk to grow and expand in a healthy and nurturing environment.

Reaching Out to Those in Need

We see that there is a need to reach out our hands and extend our help to underprivileged young people in underserved areas. We strive to be a beacon of light to give them a safe space where they can discover their gifts and talents and hone their skills.

The GPS Academy believes every young person deserves a chance to become the person they were meant to be and reach their full potential. No one is exempted from having a good future. Currently, we are trying to expand our partnership to more communities to seek out potential candidates for the program.

Our surveys indicate that the soccer community is continuously growing by the numbers and more young people are getting involved in the sport. This gives us hope to do the best we can with our resources as an esteemed soccer academy in the country.

Message from the GPSA Founder

‘There’s no denying that hard times are ahead, but that doesn’t mean we are without hope. For many years, our premium soccer academy has spread hope to countless aspiring athletes in the country.

We can gladly say that the young soccer players who underwent our open training program have turned out to become leaders and prestigious athletes in this sport. We are able to provide this great platform for young people all because of the outpouring generosity of corporate and private sponsors, willing volunteers, and the overwhelming support of our community partners.

Despite what we have gone through this year, we focus our eyes on the bright future ahead of us. With abounding gratitude, we appreciate every partner who has helped us with accomplishing this noble cause. We hope that you will never cease to give your all-out support for the next generation – the hope of our future. 

Your donations for this year and those ahead will be of great help to every young athlete that will train with us. This is our way of modelling to other young people one way to love their neighbours – by helping out those in need.’

Be Our Partner

You can be a part of this huge movement to help out the youth of our nation. Soccer is not just a game for us. It is our means to bring light and hope to these young athletes.

How can I join as a partner?

You can contact us directly for ways on how you can be involved in this program. You can check out the rest of our website for more info on the program and the events we arrange to give back to the community. We continuously post updates on this website.

You can also drop by our main office so you’ll have a chance to tour our facilities. Get up close and in-depth with what our academy does on the daily. You will also witness our sponsored trainers in action. If you would like to schedule a tour, feel free to call us.

We are currently looking for willing partners and able volunteers. Here are some of the positions and needs that need to be filled for the coming months:

  • High-profile spokespersons and role models to promote our cause and spread awareness in other parts of the nation
  • Leaders and members of local youth organizations to partner with us as program volunteers and coordinators
  • Community volunteers who are willing to give their time to the program as coaches, trainers, managers, and support aids.
  • Donation of training equipment and soccer gears such as training clothes and shoes
  • Vehicles to transport our sponsored athletes to and from matches
  • Financial support from corporations, private persons and the community
  • Guidance and support staff
  • Volunteer event planners and coordinators (project-based)
  • Marketing and advertising team to promote our program materials and opportunities to schools and local government units

If you are interested in a position, please contact us. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Why do we need to have this kind of program?

Though a majority of the country’s population is still dominated by hockey and American football fans, there’s no denying that there’s a steady increase in the popularity of soccer. This is because of the steady flow of immigrants coming to the country.

Soccer is a sport that can be enjoyed as a watcher and as a player. Through this, we want to connect with young people and give them a chance to explore their options in life. Young soccer fans from impoverished areas can have the same quality of training provided to the athletes enrolled in our formal program.

In their final year, every senior high athlete trained by the academy will have equal chances to be scouted in various colleges and universities through our annual national championship tournament. This will provide them with an opportunity to continue their education in prestigious and reputable schools.

Why partner with us?

  • To become an elite soccer training centre, we have only hired the best of the best. We’ve set a standard of excellence for our professional coaches and trainers.
  • We have built and developed our facilities to keep up with the standard of a professional playing field. Our players will get a chance to experience world-class facilities and soccer fields.
  • We give our young, talented players a chance to grow in a professional playing environment.
  • We are a great stepping stone to other career paths. Our holistic training will prepare them for any type of challenges that come their way.
  • Our players will have a chance to learn and compete with other international players. This is a chance to build new friendships and foster camaraderie with fellow athletes.
  • This is the best starting point to becoming a professional soccer player and a full-fledged athlete.

Our Goals for the Open Development Training Program

  1. We develop the person as much as the athlete in them. We focus both on skills and practical growth in our players. Through proper training and guidance, we hope they would embody patience, sportsmanship, empathy, and discipline in whatever they do.
  1. We strive to build the community through the sport and other various community service programs. Our top priority is to aid the children and youth in destitute areas.
  1. We embrace diversity in our academy. All are deserving of equal life opportunities.
  1. We aim to build the capacity of these young people so they could have more viable options for their future.

Features of the Open Training Program

Young athletes who will join the open training are given the same access to our world-class facilities and coaches. We scout our potential members with the help of local youth organizations.

  • We train once weekly from September to June. Sponsored athletes are able to join the summer boot camp for free, but they will be required to do an assessment test to qualify.
  • The standard schedule for matches is on weekends, with the exception of summer. From July to August, matches in the academy will be held every Friday.
  • They will train under volunteer coaches with years of professional experience under their belt.
  • We will teach them about the academy’s core values and sportsmanship.
  • Our specially developed soccer drills will teach them about the fundamentals of the sport. They will learn how to master techniques performed by professional players.
  • We want to give equal playtime for all players every soccer match. There are no favourites on our team.
  • They will be provided with new and high-quality clothes, shoes, and gear at the start of the year. 
  • Sponsored athletes are eligible to join the national tournament team of their region if they pass the assessment test.

Join our Open Training Program

If you know someone who is interested in joining this special program, you can give the following details to our reception staff at our main office. Make sure the details are correct and true. We will notify you once we have reviewed your application.

  1. Full name
  2. Age
  3. Birthdate
  4. Address
  5. Parents or guardian’s name
  6. Contact number
  7. Reason/s why they want to join the program

We will be the one to schedule an initial interview and skills assessment test on the applicant. Please contact us for more info on how to join.

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