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Train with Us: GPS Enrolment

Welcome to the Global Premier Soccer Academy! Join our growing soccer team, and become one of the elite soccer pros in Canada. Train with us, enrol at GPS.

The sky’s the limit, dream and aspire as you can. Regardless of your age and skill level, everyone has the potential to become a professional soccer player. That said, when you dream hard, you also have to work for it. 

Don’t limit yourself training in your garage and the school’s field. As there are so many opportunities waiting for you in the future, optimize your time to bring your game to a newer and better level. Raise your standards as you train with the pros in GPS. Enrol here on this page.

Why enrol with GPS Canada?

The global success of GPS allows the vast team to give you access to training tools that are not available to the public. Our tools and various excellent programs will help bring your game to the next step until you become a league player and coach.

Join our team

Here at GPS, we aim to ease and lighten your worries. Joining our team has never been easier through our online enrolment system. Prior to filling out the forms below, ensure that you have picked a program and finished reading our rules. For more details on our offered programs, you may head over to the GPS Academy Programs page.

Please be advised that when you click Send, you affirm that all personal details are true and correct. Any fictitious answers that may hinder our online record system and payments, we will hold you liable for your actions. Please refer to our legal terms and conditions to our rules.

Form #1

This form is people who have never been a student, both under the player and coach programs.

Last name
First name
Mobile No.
Email address
Date of birth
Male or Female
Name of parent/guardian
Mobile No. of parent/guardian
Current address
(Note: Please include the ZIP code)
Permanent address
(Note: Please include the ZIP code)
Were you a past member of a soccer school?
Name of program
Choice of date and time for assessment
Choice of payment
Any requests or extra remarks

Form #2

This form is for GPS students who either wish to terminate their training or transfer to another schedule or program. While we have an on-site process for these requests, this form is to bring more convenience to your part.

Last name
First name
Date of birth
(For validation)
Name of attending program and teacher
Purpose of this form:
(cancel or transfer)
Reason/s for the stated answer above
Any requests or extra remarks

Note: We ensure that any comments written for the ‘requests and extra remarks’ portion are signified as anonymous. While answering the question is optional, what you will write helps the improvement of our management. 

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